Routines for the Routinely Challenged

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I love schedules… And planning… And paper. And planning schedules on paper. What I’m not such a big fan of (sometimes) is reality. And accepting my own limitations. I tend to collect other people’s routines like some women collect shoes, trying each on with gusto for about 2 weeks before throwing my hands up in despair and saying that I just can’t do schedules.

But what if the problem isn’t me? What if the problem is either trying to fit myself to someone else’s schedule or biting off more than I can reasonably chew (or both. Usually it’s both)? If you are routinely challenged by your routine like me, I challenge you to change your routines (okay, I’m done now). Here are three quick tips:

1. Write down what you do every day and how much time it takes you. Don’t just guesstimate. Use a stopwatch (most phones have this feature) and actually time yourself. I was shocked this week to discover that my morning routine (that I allotted 20 minutes for) took a full hour! That’s if Man Cub didn’t wake up early and demand to be fed or cling to my leg during it. No wonder I hated mornings! Seriously, write it down and time yourself. You may feel like you’re failing because you’re trying to get 30 hours worth of stuff done in one 24 hour day. It would be nice if God would give us moms a few extra hours to work with, but since He doesn’t, let’s work within the limits we have.

2. Be willing to try, fail, and try again. I have been refining my routine for years. Each time feels like two steps forward, one step back – but you know what? That’s still forward progress. When I pay attention to what’s working and what’s not (and stop trying to be Super Woman), I get farther along in my goals (even if I can’t yet leap tall mounds of laundry in a single bound).

3. Make your routine work for you. This is as much for me as it is for you: YOU ARE NOT SOMEONE ELSE. STOP TRYING TO BE. Sometimes I have to yell at myself just a little. Tough love. My worst failures have been when I’ve tried to make someone else’s routine work for me without considering that my life looks different than theirs (like when I tried a five-day schedule while I worked swing shift, or basically tried to deep clean my house every week).

Want more? My friend Stacy (okay we’ve never actually met, but I’ve been following her blog for a while and would TOTALLY be her friend in real life. She’s hilarious) wrote a course called Home Management How To: A Guide to Daily Success. You can get it for only $30 (a great deal for an online course!)  and it’s open for purchase until March 31 and then it will be unavailable for purchase for a while. It is currently unavailable while she improves it, but if you click on the link she will email you when it’s back up again. But once you buy, you have LIFETIME access. She guides you through, step by step, setting your own schedule for whatever your life looks like, with plenty of grace and humor. She’s a stay-at-home mom, and you can definitely benefit if you are in that boat. But it’s also great for parents who work outside the home, singles, and empty nesters. If you are blessed to have a home, you need to be able to manage it.

The base level course ($30) includes all eight of the video-based modules, course outlines and notes, and a ton of extra resources. Level 2 ($50) includes all the content of the base level course, PLUS exclusive daily email content to keep you on track for the first 30 days and SIX bonus freebies worth $60. I went through the basic level and I’ve been working through my routines for a few weeks now. I love them and I’m getting more done!

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