About Me

Hi there; I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Jenn, and I created OneImperfectMom as a kind of community for wives/moms to support, encourage, and share with each other. I’ll be sharing practical tips for saving money, simplifying, organizing, and more as well as sharing misadventures from my own life as I learn to embrace grace for the journey of motherhood and marriage. If you have little(s) like me, this can be our island of grown-up conversation in a sea of mega blocks. If you’re looking for an expensive, time-consuming, complicated, fancy approach to all things motherhood, this is not the place for you. However, if I can figure out how to do it faster, simpler, and for a fraction of the cost, you can bet I’ll let you in on it.
Our family is (Orthodox) Christian and we try (imperfectly) to live our faith in everything we do (if you’re not, you’re still very welcome and a lot of the practical tips will still be useful; but that is the perspective I’m writing from). My wonderful husband of almost 7 years is a teacher at a small private school. He is also my proofreader and best cheerleader. We have one child (so far), who I like to call Man Cub. He is one going on eleven. My job title is stay-at-home mommy and it pays in sloppy wet baby kisses. I’m a hoarder-turned-minimalist who loves a good bargain.

Who this Blog is For
This blog is for anyone married, with kids, with a sarcastic or satirical sense of humor, or that wants to live frugally/intentionally/simply. If you happen to be all of the above, we’re a lot alike; want to be friends?

A Comment About Comments
Diversity of ideas, in the context of mutual respect, can be a beautiful thing. Please feel free to add ideas and even disagree with me or each other, but do it respectfully. Verbal (well, written) abuse, degradation, malice, and any other form of internet nastiness will not be tolerated, so let’s all play nice, m’kay? Besides, as women/wives/moms, we have enough hard stuff to deal with without tearing each other down.

Free? Really?
This blog is a bit unusual in that I’m not selling anything. Really. All of my printables are free for subscribers, there are no ads, and I’m not currently an affiliate seller. I feel that this blog is my ministry. We have been given so much and I want to give back. For more information, see our disclosure pageIf you’d like to support our family with Homeschool Supplies, you can do so here.

Contact Me
What about you? Who are you? What do you struggle with? What would you like to learn more about or see more of? Please let me know in the comments below or email me at jenn {at} oneimperfectmom {dot} com. I read every comment and email, and will do my best to respond. Thank you so much!