Baby Gear: What You ACTUALLY Need (And all the stuff you don’t!) *Free Printable & E-Book*

When we had Man Cub, I was astounded at how much STUFF a baby “needs”. Registry lists and “must have” lists were a mile long and totally overwhelming for this frugal, minimalist mama. “Surely this can’t all actually be necessary,” I would think. But until you have your own bundle of joy, it’s hard to know what should be in the bundle of accompanying stuff- and what you can skip. If you know me in real life, you’ve probably heard me joke about how babies have more accessories than Barbie (I know, I need new material). Do you have a little one on the way? I’ll walk you through the needs, wants, and probably-shouldn’t-gets.

Click the link below for a free printable checklist (print both sides) that you can take with you to set up your registry (I recommend Target, Amazon, Babies R Us and/or Buy Buy Baby as they give goodies just for setting up a registry!).

Baby Gear Checklist

Here are my priorities for this list:

  1. Safety. I typically follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, although I am not a fan of raising my kid in a bubble. My rule is baby proofing anything that could result in an ER/Urgent Care Visit, and not worrying about the rest. So yes, Man Cub has given himself a few bruises and a couple of goose eggs, but he’s a boy and he’s just fine.
  2. Frugality. We live on one income and are paying off student loan debt, so saving money is important. We don’t need or want the latest and greatest stuff. I’ll tell you how you can save by borrowing, buying used, or not buying at all- and when it’s time to bite the bullet and buy new.
  3. Minimalism. We have limited space and wouldn’t like to have a lot of stuff even if we did have more space. So if you’re looking for the everything-you-could-possibly-buy-for-your-precious-prince/princess list… yeah, this isn’t it. I will tell you things that can pull double duty or save space, and stuff that will just add clutter.

Oh yeah, quick disclaimer: There are links that used to be affiliate links (the affiliate account has since been closed), so they may still look like affiliate links. I left them in so you can build an Amazon Registry just by clicking through the book. If I use something, I’ll recommend it (or not) and let you know why. But since I don’t use everything, some things have been recommended by friends or are my best guess.

Okay, ready?

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