You Know You’re a New Parent When…

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Parenthood is a wild ride. There’s really nothing like it and nothing to prepare you for it. Motherhood was quite an adjustment for me, especially in that amazing, crazy, sleep deprived, oh-so-sweet newborn stage. If you’ve been a parent for more than a week, you can probably relate. So, without further ado…

  • you can’t stay awake long enough to finish your cup of coffee
  • suddenly pregnancy and labor (which you’re still recovering from) are so worth it that you’re already thinking about doing it again. Eventually.
  • You remember laughing hysterically about something at the 5am feeding but can’t remember what it was at the 9am feeding
  • you ask questions like “any poop yet”?
  • you not only count diapers but analyse their contents (and sometimes show to your spouse for a second opinion)
  • the baby falling asleep is the most exciting thing that happens all day
  • you find that the baby’s nasal syringe has somehow become part of your decor

  • watching someone sleep has become your favorite hobby
  • you have no idea what time or even day it is, but you can recite the contents of the last diaper
  • the first time the baby sleeps through the night is cause for a major celebration
  • you have felt the inside of a diaper to see if it is wet
  • you haven’t showered in days, but the baby’s outfits are coordinated
  • your conversation topics have changed from politics, philosophy and good books to pee, poop and spit up.
  • you have sniffed your fingers to determine if that wet spot you just felt was pee
  • you dream about making a bottle or changing a diaper and wake up surprized to find it’s not done yet.
  • your heart breaks with love for this tiny person who robs you of sleep, makes messes constantly and has turned your life and house upside down- and you’d never go back to the way it was before for anything

Fun note: I jotted these down when Man Cub was a newborn. I totally forgot how many of them had to do with sleep. And diapers.

What about you? What do you remember from those sleepless nights and adorable days?


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