Redeeming Halloween: how I finally made peace with my most hated holiday

Growing up, I always hated Halloween and thought it was evil. We did participate in a Harvest Festival as an alternative activity at AWANA, but we never called it Halloween. This article by James Jordan explains the Christian roots, including why children dress as devils and witches (according to the article, it’s a way of mocking the Devil and his minions). It’s an interesting read and I encourage you to take a look. However, I personally feel that mocking the Devil is inappropriate because the Devil is very dangerous. The Bible describes him as a roaring lion (1 Peter 5:8) and urges us to take him seriously. I think we should handle the Spiritual Realm with caution and with sobriety. Plus, I get nightmares VERY easily (I used to get nightmares from looking at the cover of the Goosebumps books our carpool friend read. Like, for days). And Man Cub seems to be taking after me. I don’t enjoy being scared and I don’t want to scare my child.

So this year I’ve decided to do something different. Instead of hiding in my room with the lights off (like I usually do) or going to creep myself and my toddler out (like I refuse to do), I’m embracing All Saint’s Day by throwing an All Hallow’s Eve Party. Instead of either embracing or mocking the Devil & his followers, we are celebrating the Saints and others we can look up to. This year we will be hosting a totally safe, non-scary party for Man Cub and a few of his little friends. They get to dress up and get candy, and nobody gets creeped out. Here’s our plan (feel free to use as a template):

Saints & Superheroes All Hallows Eve Party

Join us for a Non-Scary evening of fun & goodies!
Come dressed as your favorite Saint, Superhero, or someone you admire (anything else is good, too). Absolutely NO scary/creepy/gory/gross costumes allowed. Parents can dress up too!
Please bring 1 dozen individually wrapped goodies or 1/2 lb. small candy to share. Healthy snacks and toys are good if you’d rather not bring sweets.
Hot coco, apple cider & pizza will be provided and we’ll have some games & costume parade (remember, nothing scary or gross) for the kids.
If the kids would like, they can bring some information about their Saint or hero to share.

Tuesday, October 31, 5-7pm
Please RSVP (text or call) to Jenn MY NUMBER


Our Activities will include:

  • “picnic” dinner in the living room
  • decorate-your-own treat bags
  • costume parade
  • painting pumpkins
  • “fishing booth” (the kids toss a fishing pole with a clothespin on the end behind a curtain and a helper behind the curtain attaches stickers or a small toy).

It should be simple, sweet and fun.


So what do you think? What do you do for Halloween?

2 thoughts on “Redeeming Halloween: how I finally made peace with my most hated holiday

  1. L. Brabec

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article on halloween. What a great way to redeem the time. You are so right about not mocking the devil; never a wise thing to do! Your explanation for not doing so was very helpful. Sounds like a lot of fun for all (without the added worry of nightmares!).


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